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FLEXiO 690 Biocide Sprayer - Factory Reconditioned

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Due to the shortages of sprayers we are offer this Factory Reconditioned FLEXiO 690 as the best option for spraying our Biocide.

The FLEXiO® 690 stationary system puts the weight on the ground for extended spraying comfort.

The FLEXiO 690 comes complete with two nozzles, one for big areas or rooms and the other for small areas like car, boats & RVs The turbine sits on the ground delivering air power through the hose to spray biocide with adjustable control.

Although some units might show slight blemishes from previous usage, each unit has been professionally reconditioned by Wagner and come with a 90 day factory warranty.

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Last Updated: Jun 26, 2022