1) What is the best way to dispense the biocides?
Using a qualified electrostatic sprayer is the best way to dispense our biocide.
2) Does a sprayer need to have EPA registration or FDA approval to use our products?

No. It is a mechanical sprayer and is simply an alternative method of application from traditional spray bottles. The electrostatic charge (which can be turned on or off by the user) is simply an assistive mechanism to aid the user in more efficient and comprehensive application of EPA Registered chemical disinfectants and sanitizers to surfaces.

3) How much liquid is required to spray a 1000 sq/ft?

1 Quart. 

4) How much time should I spend spraying a 10 x 10 exam room?

Approximately 30 seconds

5) Are there any independent studies on ingredients used in the Biocide.

Yes, The Open Antimicrobial Agents Journal 2010. 2. 71-78

6) Does the Biocide contain VOCs?

No, Our Biocide does not contain volatile organic compounds.

7) What does "no rinse required on food contact surface" mean?

"No rinse required on food contact surfaces" is a safety rating given by NSF International (previously the National Sanitation Foudation).  The NSF testing guidelines are a continuation of the USDA product approval and listing program.  Our BioCide is approved for use in commercial or residential kitchens to control bacteria, viruses, and mold without the need to wash/rinse the area with water.

8) What fabrics can it be used on.

Spot check all fabrics before using completely.  Check with manufacturer before using on leather.

9) How long should you let it sit to be most effective.

Kills 99.999% for 30 sec to 10 minutes depending on the pathogen.  For COVID-19, 10 minutes is recommended.

10) How long does it last?

It will last for hours unless there is dirt or grime accumulating on surface.

11) Does it effect covers on adjusting tables?

The Table Doc saw no effects to all his available table covers/leathers.